Undertone | Knowing yours.

Hi Lovelies,

Hope you’re well? & having a relaxed week?

With this post, I thought I’d just discuss undertones and knowing yours, in addition to what the best way to find your correct undertone would be.

For quite sometime I felt my undertone was black but lo’ and behold it wasn’t until last year that I realised after several trial and errors that my undertone is in fact warm/golden. Lol, I know you’re probably thinking warm/golden, she’s playing.

But no, after trying a number of different foundations, completing a number of tests and visiting a beauty consultant, it was concluded that my undertone was in fact warm/golden.

This is me with a natural face, no make-up, no brows lol, just me in natural lightening.

Do you notice a yellowish tone?

Another thing that I did to find my undertone was to check my veins. Yes, my veins.

Yes, although it can hardly be seen, it was evident after visiting my local beauty consultant that my veins appeared green.

I then followed the chart above to determine my undertone.

Before you panic, if after placing your arm on a white surface and you check your veins and you don’t see a colour, your undertone may be neutral.

Another way to check if you’re unsure is Gold vs. Silver.

If you feel you look more ravishing and majestic in gold jewellery, your undertone is most likely warm. Whereas, if you feel silver is more up your street, you are more likely cool-toned. Nonetheless, if you’re undecided and feel you rock both graciously, your undertone may be neutral.

Still undecided?

Try this last one called The Colour Test

With this one, if you feel you looking amazing in jewel or more pastel colours, more than likely you have a cool undertone. On the other hand if you feel you look drop dead gorgeous in earthy colours, you probably have warm undertones. But woah, if you feel you look amazing in both, wow then you’re probably a neutral undertone.

Do you know what your undertone is?

So there you have it! Lol I hope this blog was useful.

Any questions please do feel free to comment or I’ve added a contact tab, feel free to email me privately.

Until next time my lovelies.

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