Back to Basics | Filling your brows

Hey lovelies,

Yes, I’m back again! Staying on top of writing and publishing these blog posts.

But without a doubt your eyebrows are important as they shape the frame of your face (something I wasn’t aware off, until recently). Yep if you didn’t know they do. Which is why it’s important to groom and take care of your brows. There are many methods to filling in your brows, I will share the three most popular ones, in my experience.

Just to throw this out there, I’m not an expert and these are just ways and things that I am familiar with.

Dipbrow Pomade

This is definitely a popular choice used by many, except me lol. This product offers great hold and adds definition to the brows. This product helps thick dark brows to look particularly striking without the help of other products. It’s about combing the existing hairs into place and into the shape of your choice (sounds easy but can be rather hard). Personally, I struggle with the consistency of this product and therefore opt not to use it.


This is my go-to method. This is the product for holding and defining hairs. Perfect if you have thick brows, helping to tame and lock hairs into place for a simplistic groomed look. Thinking of going down the tinted route, this is just another wash of colour to existing hairs. This will definitely give your brows the oomph you’re looking for. The method of use is similar to the dipbrow pomade. Love this, it’s amazing.


Out of all of the three, this is definitely the easiest one to use. With this method being fairly basic in terms of filling in your brows. The pencils do come in a range of shades and tend to have a more waxier formula than eyeliner pencils. This provides the opportunity for them to go on naturally and smoothly, without creating harsh lines. Fill in the brows with light strokes and soften it out with a brow brush or a spoolie.

So these are the different ways by which I am familiar with, when filling in the brow.

Are you familiar with any of these methods? What’s your favourite method? Go on don’t be shy, share it below.

See you in my next post, lovelies!


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