Back To Basics | Primer Party: Finding The Right One..

Hey hunnies,

Haven’t really done an informative post in a long time, so here I am…

So in addition to knowing your skin type it is also important to know which primer works well with your skin.

But before we get into this post let’s first identify…

What is a makeup primer?

A makeup primer is a cream but sometimes a lotion applied before makeup to improve coverage and lengthen the amount of time the makeup lasts on the face.

Choosing a makeup primer.. based on your skin type?

The same primer won’t look the same way on every skin type, so to make your makeup look seamless, you need to know what makeup primers to choose according to your skin type.

Normal skin type

People whose skin type is normal, which means that your pores are not too large or too small and your skin does not get too oily or too dry throughout the day. There are a few primer options. This means it may be likely you don’t want a primer that has a mattifying effect, but you may want a primer that will do a great job in prolonging your makeup, and may have some additional benefits like SPF.

Oily Skin type

Whereas, if your skin is oily, you’ll need a more mattifying primer. This will prevent your skin from being greasy and shiny looking throughout the day.

Dry Skin Type

On the other hand, dry skin is a little different in terms of priming (something I can relate to tbh). As you’ll need to find a primer that will moisturise your skin and give you a dewy finish. But, the word dewy finish is just a substitute for shiny. Sadly, shimmer can emphasise flakiness.

Combination Skin Type

When it comes to combination skin there are two options, you can either choose a neutral primer that won’t overly mattify, but won’t make you look shiny. This will just make your foundation go on a lot smoother and last longer.


You can choose a mattifying primer for the parts of your face where your skin tends to get oily, and use a different primer in the dryer areas of your face.

There are more skin types such as mature, sensitive etc.. but I thought I’d focus on the four main skin types.

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2 thoughts on “Back To Basics | Primer Party: Finding The Right One..

  1. It makes sense that the same primer doesn’t work for anybody else but I’ve never realized this before I read your post. I luckily have a normal skin-type and maybe haven’t had as much use for a primer as others do? Great, informative writing!

    Liked by 1 person

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