Whats New.. Mini Review: All Types Of Nudes Huda Beauty Mini Matte Lipsticks

Hey lovelies,

I recently purchased the Huda Beauty Blushed Nudes matte lipstick from feelunique.com this was after doing a much needed makeup haul, online.

As per, I thought I’d share it with my gorgeous subscribers.

A gorgeous range of nude shades with both cool and warm undertones, for cheeky-bold looks.  The collection includes Bombshell, an irresistible peachy nude, Wifey, a delicate pinkish nude, Muse, an elegant muted rose and, Venus, a heavenly taupe-brown.

Honestly, I always felt more comfortable with nudes on my lips although I’ve tried many other lip colours.. nudes have always been my go to.


Like most matte lipsticks, this Huda Beauty lipstick does provide a rich finish and solid long-lasting colour. I honestly love the finish of this product as long as you remember to prep your lips and provide a little moisture before applying. This product is honestly amazing.


So in terms of recommendations, I would recommend the Huda Beauty lipstick to any person who has a little bit of time to spare when choosing this. I say this because if you don’t want dry, ashy looking lips you will need to prep your lips beforehand. For so long as you’re willing to do that I would most certainly recommend this product. Excellent finish, easy to apply and amazing coverage.


As mentioned I purchased this item from feelunique.com for £33.00.

Decided to keep this blog post short.. any questions please do feel free to ask away.

Please bare in mind I purchased this item and the information stated above is merely my own opinion.

Have a good wun!

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