New Nude Huda Beauty Palette – Review

Hey gorgeous people,

So this year I’m all about upping everything

from my makeup game to my fitness and healthy eating game.

So I recently purchased the New Huda Beauty Nude Palette as my eye shadow game at the moment is non-existent atm.


Well.. damnnnnn! The packaging of this palette is unmatched and slick asf. Honestly, the packaging is gorgeous and this is my first Huda Beauty Palette. But from looking at the other packaging on previous palettes this is definitely slick.

Finish and Texture

So in this palette there are 10 matte shades and pigments, with the matte shades not coming up chalky at all. They are easy to blend into the skin and glide on so smoothly. In addition, there are also 2 glitter shades, 1 pressed pearl finish and 4 reflective chrome shades which melt onto the skin like butter. All the shades in the palette are highly pigmented. Furthermore, this palette also contains a concealer shade which helps to brighten up the eyelids and give whatever look you’re going for a more rich look.


Personally, the colours in this palette is what prompted me to even purchase this palette. The colours are honestly perfect for daytime wear, nighttime wear and evening wear. I’m honestly not too sure why it’s called the Nude palette because that’s definitely not what this is. This palette is definitely diverse in terms of colour options, you’ve got dark shade, light shades, browns, purples, pinks lol the list goes on.

Pricing and availability

I ordered this item for £28.99, now I had a look around and understand that this item retails for £50+ on sites such as selfridges, cult beauty and shopunique.. but I honestly saw it for half the price and thought, why not?!

Honest Opinion

To be very honest, I actually love this palette. The colours, the texture, the finish, the packaging – literally everything stands out to me. I’m honestly so glad I picked up this palette, I would definitely recommend.

Thank you to all my gorgeous subscribers!

See you all in my next post.


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