Small Spring Collection: Lancôme Juicy Tubes – Reviewers

Hey huns,

Now when I think of spring I think of rose pink, pastel, full of energy, warming, vibrant.. so when choosing items for my makeup collection I went for items which represented my thoughts on spring.

As spring is here, I thought why not start looking into items which match the weather (even though eee.. the weather is very unpredictable, esp. in the UK).

What better way to start than in the makeup section.

So I thought I’d start with the small bits and bobs first like lipgloss, nail varnish etc.. you know what I mean.

Without anymore waffling let’s get into this post.

I picked up these items in Debenhams last week and when I can’t be bothered to apply lip liner and lipstick, this is my go to.

Product Description

A delicious, gourmet delight on your lips! This ultra-brilliant gloss slicks on easily, thanks to its handy tube-tip applicator.
Totally transparent shine, plus a hint of shimmering colour makes lips glisten for a glamorous lacquered effect.


Unlike many lipglosses the consistency of this product isn’t sticky. Instead it’s more of a gel textured gloss. With minimal of the tacky feeling once applied.. like many lipglosses.


Sorbet de framboise – image taken from

Marshmallow Electro – images taken from


The coverage of this lipgloss is definitely thick but the less you use the more natural it looks. Literally one layer is all that’s new then woah you’re set.

Price and availability

This item is on the pricey side with it costing £18.00.. woah. This product is available in John Lewis, Debenhams, Amazon etc..

Well.. Is it worth the hype?!

Well I would definitely say that this product is lit. But not at all worth the hype however, unlike most lip glosses it isn’t stiff and sticky, instead it does glide on effortlessly. But unless you’re really desperate to try something new save your coins. Get yourself something a little inexpensive.

That’s everything from me on this product!

Please if you have any questions please do drop a comment or feel free to email.

See you all in my next post.

Love You!

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