Hey lovelies,

Hope you’re all well? And keeping safe during these uncertain times.

Just thought I’d reach out to all my subscribers.

We are currently living in sad times at the moment with Coronavirus infecting and killing over 5,000+ people to date.

My whole social media hasn’t been the same with people crying after losing loved ones..

Honestly so sad.

This is just an encouragement post telling those of you who are out and about to stay in yuhh house/yard.

– Do not leave your house except for groceries and one form of exercise.

– Abide by the social distancing rules set out by the government.

– Only go to work if it is absolutely necessary – the option of working from home isn’t available.

– Do not gather in crowds of people.

– U.K.’ers especially – Stop sunbathing in the parks – I know the weather is tempting but fgs.

– Relax, find a new hobby, play the violin..

Lastly #stayhomestaysafe

I honestly hope all my subscribers are abiding by the laws set by their government.